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As part of our brand refresh announced in early January, we’re rolling out additional improvements to our Org Chart page. This article explains the upcoming changes.

Search Field

When searching the org chart, you will find the search field in the upper right corner of the page rather than the upper left corner.

+ Add Position Button

The + Add Position button, used to create an open or filled position, is moving from the upper left corner of the Org Chart page to the upper right corner.

Import/Export Button

The Import and Export buttons in the upper right corner of the Org Chart page will be merged for streamlined access to all available options for importing or exporting your people or positions.

Share and History Buttons

Options to share your org chart and view chart history will now be nested under the new three-dot menu.

Visualization Tools

(Available to customers of our Advanced Org Design module.)

The visualization tools, currently located along the left side of the Org Chart page, will be positioned horizontally along the top of the page.

Show/Hide Metrics Box Button

The Show/Hide Metrics Box button will now be located next to the visualization tools, rather than in the upper right corner of the Org Chart page.

Please reach out to our Customer Success Team with any questions or to share your feedback on our latest updates!

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