All About Our Brand Refresh

Get a sneak peek at our fresh, new UI design and learn about some other changes that are in the works!

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As we kick off the new year, we're excited to give you a sneak peek into our upcoming brand refresh! Read on to learn about the different changes we'll be rolling out over the next month or so.

Logo Update

We recognize that "Built for Teams" has been a lot to say and to type, so we're finally embracing the shorter "Built" that seems to come so naturally to everyone. We're also refreshing our logo, so keep a look out for these new versions!

UI Design Changes

It's been quite a while since we did any visual updates to our product, so we thought it was high time that we update the look and feel so that you don't feel like you're driving a sports car with a faded paint job! We're rolling out the UI updates in two phases:

Phase One

In early January we'll release an update that includes a fresh new font, brighter colors, and other visual updates that make the product feel both friendlier and more modern. Most things are in the same place they were before; they just look better. Here's an example!

There are a few things that used to be found by clicking your avatar at the top right of the page. These will now be found within the main navigation on the left side of the page:

  • If you have access to multiple company accounts, you'll now switch companies by clicking on the company name at the top of the main navigation.

  • Company settings, billing, and support will also be found by clicking on your company name.

  • Accessing your own login settings and preferences will now be found at the bottom of the main navigation.

Phase Two

Once we've launched the new look and feel, we'll be releasing additional improvements on a page-by-page basis over the weeks and months that follow. The org chart, for example, is getting some big updates to toolbars, etc.

New Domain Name

As part of this big brand refresh, we're also simplifying our domain. Instead of, we'll be switching to the much shorter Here's how that change will impact you:

Marketing Website

As you'd probably guess, the marketing site URL will change to We'll have a redirect in place so that the old domain still sends you to the right place, though!

Product URL

The product URL will be changing to There may be some updates your IT team will need to do if any integrations you have in place rely on the old domain name (Okta, for example). We'll provide more instructions about that below, as well as a grace period during which you'll have time to make those changes without anything breaking for your users.

Support URL

Our support site will move to, but again we'll make sure to redirect you if you happen to forget and go to the old URL.

Email Addresses

And finally, our email addresses have changed, so messages from our team will now come from [first.last]

What Do You Need to Do?

With all of these exciting changes in the works, you might be wondering if there is anything you can or should do. While most of our customers won't need to do anything, it's worth scanning this list to see if any of these tasks apply to you!

  • Once we launch the new domain, you may want to update any bookmarks in your web browser. If you want to bookmark directly to the product, use this URL:

  • If your company intranet has a link to Built, you'll want to make sure you update that as well using the same link as above.

  • Many IT departments manage an "allow list" of trusted domains for security purposes, so we recommend notifying them that our domain is changing from to, and that our email addresses will also use this new domain.

  • Get ready for a fast-paced 2024 because we have a lot of powerful new features in the pipeline!

Thank you for being our customer, and as always, feel free to contact our support team to share any feedback or suggestions regarding this brand refresh!

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